Todd English Electric Pasta Machine, Red

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Designed to be more user friendly than a traditional pasta maker, you’ll love the set-up with a down draft design, allowing you to pull the pasta down when it comes out, keeping it more organized for you to work with. There's even a kneading function to make sure everything is incorporated and ready to go. Nine different discs come included in this set so you can pick and choose exactly the style of pasta you want to make. Attach, add your ingredients and let the machine get to work – you should have fresh pasta made and ready to cook within 10 minutes! When you’re done, everything comes apart easily so you’re not spending forever on clean-up.

Perfectly portioned for two (or for a smaller meal), pick your pasta, find a sauce and start cooking!

Pasta Machine Includes:

  • Pasta Machine
  • Flour Cup
  • Water Cup
  • 9 Extruding Discs
  • Disc Storage Box
  • Ravioli Tool
  • Cleaning Scraper
  • Instructions

Pasta Machine Features:

  • The down draft design of the pasta maker is more user friendly - the pasta will come out going down and will come out more organized instead of coming out the front
  • 62 Db working noise - very quiet while making pasta
  • Only takes about 10 minutes for the pasta to be ready - the machine is quick to knead the ingredients and can turn out the pasta quickly
  • There is a variety of pastas for you to choose from
  • Easy to assemble and clean - most pasta makers are very complicated and hard to get back together after cleaning