Mousoupetros Decorative Indoor Kitchen Mat

Mousoupetros Decorative Indoor Kitchen Mat

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Every home or space needs ornate yet pragmatic pieces to add a sense of creature comforts and livability. Lively and in Vogue, this 100% vinyl mat with levitating delectables and utensils come in a simple display of red, white, and charcoal. This pleasing piece of home decor is adaptable to any conventional or contemporary space. This well-made floor mat offers trouble-free cleaning. Attractive, stain, and fade-resistant this mat can be placed under pet bowls, dinner plates, and by a door to greet a muddy dog or child. Protect your floors or other areas of high-frequency eating or foot/paw traffic in your home or place of business. Vinyl can be a bit slippery if wet, so be sure to wipe up any liquids to avoid falls.


  • Do you have tiny humans or little furry ones stomping all over the house? No worries! Your newly purchased decorative mat is made from 100% tough PVC vinyl and is just as visually stimulating as it is useful and resistant.
  • Easy to clean - Even the gnarliest of spills and messes will not compromise this catch-all. Pasta sauce, fruit juice, and dog food gravy are easily handled by this mat.
  • Environmentally sound - This mat was designed with environmental awareness. It is 100% recyclable and durable. Your planet is filled with discarded items that negatively impact the earth. They are trying to make a difference by reducing your footprint.
  • This mat is made with care and excellent craftsmanship in Atlanta, Georgia. You don't have to go far to add a bit of spark and guaranteed quality to your home or place of business.

Product Details

  • Material: Plastic
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Stain Resistant: Yes


Rectangle 2' x 3' Mat Size

Overall Height
Overall Product Weight
2 lb.
Overall Length
Overall Width