Juno Motorized Electric Projection Screen

Juno Motorized Electric Projection Screen

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Juno Motorized Projection Screen Features

Professional All-Aluminum Housing

The Elunevision Motorized Projection Screen series is made of white aluminum housing that is both durable and attractive. The screen housing is made of durable solid one piece aluminum for years of trouble free operation. The aluminum casing comes within a clear protective plastic wrap, to prevent any damage to the housing during shipping and setup. The wrap can be easily removed and requires no tools.

Black Borders for Enhanced Contrast

It seems like a small feature to have black borders around the viewing area, but it should not be underestimated. Having black borders improve the perceived brightness and contrast of a projected image by surrounding the projected images in black. This adds both punch and brightness.

There are many manufactures of screens today that just use a black metal bar to create the black border on the bottom of the screen. At EluneVision, we believe this is completely unacceptable. The reason why the bottom black border is so important is:

  • it is extremely difficult to have the projected image fit perfectly within the viewing area. So a bit of stray light will hit the black border. The border absorbs the light so that contrast and brightness is enhanced
  • the metal bars used by other manufactures are very small and narrow. This creates an unbalanced image as the top borders are bigger than the bottom border
  • the metal bars typically are more reflective than an actual black border which means that the light will reflect off the metal bar, thus decreasing the perceived brightness and contrast

Triple-Layered, Fiberglass-Enforced Screen Material

The Motorized Projection Screen series uses an extremely durable, heavy duty, triple layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface, which is available in any one of our five materials. The second layer is a thick fiberglass layer giving the material strength and durability. The last layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

At 1mm thick the middle fiberglass layer is extremely strong and resilient. This means that material is extremely resistant to having creases or folds and will easily last a life time. Not many manufacturers are using such thick material due to cost and most materials in the marketplace today will be paper thin and can be easily punctured with even a pencil.

The light absorbing black backing effectively stops light loss through the back of the screen. This results in more of the projected image reflecting back through the audience. The increase in projected light not only improves contrast levels, colour saturation, and brightness, it also allows for the projector to be run at a lower brightness setting, saving precious lamp life. Most projection materials sold today do not have the black backing and many manufactures claim they have opaque material. In reality, when the materials are held up to the sun, the light will pass right through showing the loss of light.

Materials to Suit Every Application

With different types of materials at our disposal, you can always find the right material for your home theater, board room, church and venue.

Our EluneVision Motorized Projection Screen series are available in a total of 3 different materials. Each one of these materials is optimized for different commercial and home theater settings. With such a large selection of materials, this series has a great adaptability for virtually any application and projects, large or small.


  • Product Type Projection Screen
  • Manufacturer Part Number EV-J-92-1.2
  • Manufacturer EluneVision
  • Product Name Juno Motorized Projection Screen
  • Product Line Juno
  • Brand Name EluneVision
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Diagonal Image Size 92"
  • Screen Fabric Fiberglass
  • Screen Folding Mechanism Electric
  • Screen Height 45"
  • Screen Width 80"