LL Building GIC12BL GAF 12 Inch Black Galvanized Wind Turbine

LL Building GIC12BL GAF 12 Inch Black Galvanized Wind Turbine

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Key Features

  • Allows heat and moisture laden air to escape your attic, helping to extend the life of your roof
  • Can be installed virtually on any roof, from 2:12 up to 12:12 pitch
  • Double ribbed vanes, with convex top, direct even wind driven rain away from the unit
  • Exclusive stainless dual bearing system for durable, long lasting smooth and silent operation

Turbine ventilators deluxe - internally braced dual bearing system"gaf/master flow" galvanized internal bracing 12 inch diameter finish=black Permanently lubricated track system, upper and lower stainless steel ball bearings prevents metal-to-metal contact, encased to help prevent dirt, dust, sand, and other foreign materials from damaging bearings for long life, less friction, smoother spin, a nd wear resistance. Heavy-duty steel spider braces and case-hardened steel shaft for long-lasting strength/durability. Simple, mechanically-locked, 2-piece head/base for faster, easier installation. Pre-punched bottom/crimped collar of 1-piece base fits t ighter, makes installation easier, and allows for adjustability up to 12/12 pitch without removing turbine. Extra-large flashing and head with included bottom ring for easier installation and better weather protection. Double ribbed vanes,with convex top, direct even wind-driven rain away from the unit. Dade County/Texas Dept. of Insurance Approved.