Koldfront 8000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner PAC802W

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The Koldfront 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (PAC802W) is a compact contender for keeping rooms up to 150 square feet cooled to your ideal specifications. Whether its in the master bedroom, living room or guestroom, this portable AC offers dual functionality—with a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTUs and moisture removal rate of 61 pints per day. The PAC802W takes up much less window space than competing air conditioners, featuring a minimal-clearance design that allows you to optimize nearly any room in your home with precision cooling. You can modify this units temperature settings and operative modes through the top-facing control panel, as well as from afar with the included remote control. Complete with energy-saving functions, adjustable louver control and three independent fan speeds, the Koldfront PAC802W Portable Air Conditioner will ensure your home is cooled to satisfaction.

Optimal Comfort: The Koldfront PAC802W is well-equipped to suit your specific needs, offering up to 8,000 BTUs of cooling power and a moisture removal capacity of 61 pints/day

User-Friendly Controls: Select your preferred temperature setting, adjust fan speed and louver swing, activate features and switch between functions—all from the palm of your hand or with the included remote

Sleep/ECO Function: While operating under Sleep/ECO, the input temperature will increase by 2°F over the course of an hour; the new temperature will be maintained for 7 hours before returning to the original temperature settings

Self-Evaporating System: This portable AC features an extendable exhaust hose, along with gravity drain connections, so you can conveniently expel built-up condensate while helping minimize user maintenance

Environmentally Friendly: Complete with energy-saving functions and non ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant, the PAC802W is an environmentally friendly choice for keeping your space cool

Remote Control: The included remote allows you to choose and adjust your comfort settings without having to get up and make the adjustments by hand. Optimize your comfort with ‘Follow Me’ mode, which measures the temperature based on the location of the remote, adjusting for fluctuations where you are, not where the unit stands


  • BTU Cooling:
    • 8000 BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard)
    • 4000 BTU (DOE 2017 Standard)

Dimensions and Measurements

Cooling Area

150 sq. ft.
Cord Length

72 in.

13.375 in.

28.9375 in.
Nominal Depth

14 in.
Nominal Height

29 in.
Nominal Width

18 in.

17.0625 in.


Note: Missing second half of the window expansion accessory as shown in picture