VP-33 1/3 HP Vent Commerical Carpet Dryer Air Mover, Blue

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The B-AIR Vent VP-33 Air Mover "Restoration Favorite" is the workhorse for commercial and industrial services and professions. Designed to push air across a variety of surfaces, the professional air power and maneuverability make this unit the go to choice for restoration contractors. Versatile across many jobs, the .33 horsepower, low amp, SEALED motor with GFCI daisy chainable feature guarantees quick drying of mold and water remediation jobs. Mold and water damaged homes require swift and professional restoration. The B-AIR Vent VP-33 Air Mover rapidly provides circulated air across large living spaces or basements to water logged carpeting, furniture, floors, and walls with its airflow capacity of up to 2530 Rated CFMs. Its 3-angle positions allow unit to dry floors, walls and ceilings. The heavy duty rotomolded casing is built for durability and interlocking stackable feature allows firm stacking for convenient storage.

  • 00.33 HP 2530 CFM Air Mover Carpet Dryer Floor Fan for Janitorial & Water Damage Restoration
  • Color: Blue
- SKU: BIRHM1033The Vent VP-33 combines easily maneuverability with professional power. Designed for restoration contractors, this air mover is half the size of any other in its class, yet never fails to get the job done. Delivering 2530 CFM while only using 2.9 amps, and uses an on-board GFCI outlet to allow up to 4 units to be daisy chained to a single standard 15 amp household circuit. Conveniently designed to produce airflow at three different angles: horizontally, 45°, and 90°. The Vent VP-33 is made using extremely durable rotationally folded plastic, which protects the powerful 1/3 HP motor from being damaged by moisture. This commercial air mover is extremely easy to carry and maneuver due to its lightweight size and compact design. Interlocking contact points at air intake grills and exhaust points allows the Vent line of air movers to be stacked securely up to 4 units high. The sturdy handles serve as a power cord manager as well as a way to mount in trucks and on storage walls. Overall, this simple piece of equipment has a lot to offer.