Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator- Precision Cooker and Temperature Controller for Easy, Healthy & Even Cooking

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Achieve gourmet, succulent, nutritious and delicious meals with the Instant Pot Sous Vide.


  • Touch-screen digital control panel shows temperature settings in a clear, easy to read display
  • Professional grade performance is designed to create 'restaurant quality dishes' in the comfort of your own home
  • Active pump system circulates water without relying on convection currents, resulting in uniformly heated water bath free of hot or cool spots
  • Greater degree of control and precision allows for temperature control accuracy between 1°F/0.1°C
  • Includes a 12V DC motor that works extremely quietly and has enhanced durability in comparison to standard AC motors
  • Cooking times range from 1 minute to 72 hours and temperature range from 68°F to 203°F (20°C to 95°C) with increment options of 0.1°C or 1°F


  • 4.9"H x 7.3"W x 16"D
  • Product weight: 2 lbs
  • 800 watts
  • Model no. Sous Vide


Very Good- Item is in overall excellent condition. Packaging has been opened. Item has been visually inspected and operationally tested and found to be in excellent overall condition. Slight use may be noticed but no wear is found.