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The Zobo ZBTT15 Single Burner Tank Top Heater generates infrared radiant heat that warms people and objects, rather than the air. It is a portable heating solution that is perfect for indoor (with proper ventilation) and outdoor construction use. Rated at 9,000 - 15,000-BTUs, the ZBTT15 heats up to a 15 ft. radius for a period of 28-hours to 48-hours depending on the BTU level selected. The ZBTT15 does not require electricity and it is mounted directly to a standard 20 lbs. liquid propane (LP) tank (not included). Assembly is easy, as a hand wheel is included to connect the P.O.L. tank connection to a standard 20 lbs. tank. This tank top heater has 3 variable BTU settings, steel heat reflectors and the burner head swivels, to direct the heat and maximize comfort control. Safety features include a safety shut-off valve to stop gas flow if flame is extinguished and a mercury-free tip over switch that stops gas flow if tipped, to protect the user and the project. Double-mesh burner design provides safe, reliable heat, even in windy conditions. This product is CSA certified which means it has been thoroughly tested and certified and meets all applicable standards, which cover important safety and quality requirements. 

Porcelain coated back with rear safety grill
Safety shut-off valve -stops gas flow if flame is extinguished
20 lb. propane (LP) cylinder required for operation - not included
9,000 - 15,000 BTUs
Quick connect P.O.L tank connection-fits all 20 lb. vapor withdrawal propane tanks
Rust proof chrome emitter guard
Variable BTUs
Hi-efficiency steel heat reflector
Heats up to 15 ft. radius
Tip over safety switch
Match light ignition


Very Good- Item is in overall excellent condition. Packaging has been opened. Item has been visually inspected and operationally tested and found to be in excellent overall condition. Slight use may be noticed but no wear is found.